The same does not have to be the same!

Excellent performances in quality and service

Apart from excellent performances in individual sub-disciplines, triathletes also distinguish themselves with fast transitions between the disciplines, and the ability to quickly adjust to the new strain. We also set ourselves these challenges at C+R HYDRAULICS. We not only keep our high quality products in sector comparison consistently at the highest standard, but also try to establish service and delivery speed for our customers from industry and trade at a world champion level.

High standard for condition, coordination and concentration

At C+R HYDRAULICS you will not only find highly qualified staff and high performance machines, we are also consistently striving to keep our stamina at a peak level. We produce reliably precise single cuts and series cuts, both for piston rods and tubes up to a diameter of 440 mm. Close tolerances are no problem. Material and processing come from one source:

Turning  //  Milling  //  Sawing  //  Drilling  // Friction welding

Sawing centre (in-house)
  • 2 Behringer HBM 440 up to a diameter of 440 mm
  • 1 Behringer HBP 263A up to a diameter of 260 mm
  • 1 Kasto circular saw up to a diameter of 100 mm
Processing (outhouse) includes
  • turning centre
  • processing steps: CNC turning, chuck work up to a diameter of 400 mm, shaft machining up to a diameter of 300 mm / 2000 mm

Three disciplines - one goal

In a triathlon, all the participants have the same goal in their sights, after 3.86 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km running. They want to prove to everyone and themselves, how powerful a person can be with an iron will.

We at C+R HYDRAULICS also want to prove this to our partners from industry and trade, and ourselves, again and again. We add to our product range with our extensive range of services.

This includes services for custom made materials, Just-in-Time deliveries, right up to complete outsourcing projects and supply chain management.

Play in the first league with us!