CAD planning - we read your tracks

You can also select the optimum lane with us

Just like a motocross driver, who must visualise his optimum driving lane, to get his vehicle to the finish line safely and quickly, we receive CAD plans created by our customers from industry and trade, which we then implement perfectly. Therefore, it is possible for us to absorb all irregularities and achieve the maximum road adherence, like a bike perfectly adjusted by the rider.

The terrain changes constantly and requires continual adjustment to the conditions

The constructive support via IT for the manufacture of our hydraulic products brings the following advantages for our partners from industry and trade:



  • rationalisation of the construction process
  • easy and quick change even in late phases of the construction process
  • description of physical characteristics by extended CAD models, e.g. strength, elasticity etc

International success due to technical understanding

To be successful on the Motocross piste, the driver needs a high level of technical understanding and finesse regarding his machine. This also reflects the claim of C+R HYDRAULICS. For Motocross drivers and for us, it is a question of optimal balance between motor skills and coordination, in order to manage the many necessary handholds at the same time. The quality of our products in the areas of


  • hydraulics
  • cylinder tubes
  • piston rods
  • piston tubes

is therefore optimally supported, from concept development to handover to production, by the creation of virtual components. The greater the speed, the more perfectly the timing and operation of the control elements must be mastered.