It is not only professional athletes that enjoy certificates and medals

In all sports it is the highest honour if the athletes receive a certificate, medal or cup, as confirmation of their excellent performance. This feeling of happiness is hard to put into words. At C+R HYDRAULICS we are also overwhelmed by every award that we receive, and are delighted every year with the positive supplier ratings that we receive from our customers.

Popular sport as the basis for success - particularly for children and young people

As we at C+R HYDRAULICS are of the opinion that the recreational value of sport should gain in importance again, and girls and boys should not just dedicate themselves to electronic games, we support popular sport, especially for children and young people.


We are currently supporting the clubs Kirchheimer SC (Munich), SC Viktoria Rott (Wuppertal) and Turn- und Sportverein Solingen Aufderhöhe 1877 e.V. (Solingen).


These already offer many children and young people a sporty and extensive range of activities.

Active for a good cause

It is particularly close to our hearts to support people who urgently need our help. For this reason, we have already followed the path of social commitment for years at C+R Hydraulics. This means that we continually support various organisations with donations, e.g. St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung [children’s cancer research institute], Aktion Mensch and many more.